What information do I need to submit a price request?
Before submitting a new price request, make sure to have the prospect's contact information (address, email, & phone number) and the utility account number to fill out the 'Account File' portion. Check to see if the specific account already exists under 'Account Lists'. Also obtain price request information and price request details which include Aggregate or Single price, the Starting Period (month/year), Bill On Type, and the specific Product. Verify the Term length (months) and the Fixed Rate Adder($/therm) for the price request details.
How can I tell if my price request has been accepted?
A price request has been accepted when it is shown on the View Price Requests tab. The 'Response Status' will reflect the current state of the price request.
How do I change/reset my password?
Change Password - Under the Account tab, click on the link to change the account password. Enter the current password and the new password.

Reset Password - In order to reset a user password (i.e. locked out of account), contact Broker Agent.
What information do I need to add a new Agent?
Make sure to have the first & last name, and email address of the new Agent.
Where can I find the Credit Guide?
You can download the Credit Guide here.
Where can I find the Account File Template?
You can download the Account File Template here.
While creating a new Prospect the WebPortal indicates that another Sales Agent in my sales company has exclusive rights to price this prospect.
If you have this issue, please contact your Contracting Agent.
While creating a new Prospect the WebPortal indicates that another sales company has exclusive rights to price this prospect.

If you have this issue, please download and complete the Exclusive Letter:

Exclusive Letter

Please email the completed Exclusive Letter to Nordic Energy Agent Support at AgentSupport@nordicenergy-us.com or fax to (888)588-7303. For more information, please contact Nordic Energy Agent Support at AgentSupport@nordicenergy-us.com or call us at (877)808-1022.

What do Nordic Energy Services sample invoices look like?
Error = Paperwork Due Date has Passed
This error means that we no longer can make the utility enrollment deadline for the specific enrollment month that you have chosen. Please choose a later start month.
Error = Account Blocked
This error means that the customer requested their account to be blocked by all suppliers. The customer needs to call their utility and request that they take the block off their account.
Error = Insignificant Usage Data or No Annual Usage
This error means that there is not enough usage on the account in order to price. If you know the previous account number, please send a request to AgentSupport@nordicenergy-us.com with the old and new account numbers and request for usage to be transferred.
Error = Credit status “no info” or “pending”
Error = Account not found
This error means the account number is invalid.
Price request is “in pricing” status
For Ohio, New York, Maryland and New Jersey utilities – usage retrieval can take 24-48 hours. Please email AgentSupport@nordicenergy-us.com if the price request is still “in pricing” after 48 hours from the time it was submitted.
How to edit existing Prospect Information:
While submitting the price request, click on the “edit” button to the right of “Prospect Information”
Can’t find the price request?
On the view price request screen, click on “clear filter”, this will also allow you to search by the prospect name if need be.
How to add or delete an account to an existing price request:
Once a price request has been submitted you will not be able to add or delete any accounts within that price request. If you need to add or delete any accounts, you will need to create a new list of account numbers. Submit a new price request using the existing prospect from the drop down list, click continue, select the “create a new account list” option and enter the account numbers you wish to price.
Duke Utility Account Numbers-
The “-6” at the end of the account number is a check digit and should NOT be included in the entry of the account number in the portal. The account number is the first 10 digits only.